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Fee Schedule


Charge to Return Ck, ACH (NSF) Understanding and Avoiding Overdraft and NonSufficient Funds (NSF) Fees

$35.00 Per Item

Overdraft/NSF, ACH OD/NSF Chg

$35.00 Per Item

Uncollected Funds (UCF) -
Charge to Return Ck, ACH

$10.00 Per Item

Uncollected Funds (UCF) -

$10.00 Per Item

Returned Deposit Item Service Charge

$25.00 Per Item

Stop Payment Charge

$30.00 Per Item

Check Retrieval

$8.00 Per Check

Wire Transfer: Outgoing (Domestic)

$20.00 Per Item

 Wire Transfer: Outgoing (International)

$55.00 Per Item

Wire Transfer: Incoming

$10.00 Per Item

Merchant Remote Deposit Charge

$25.00 Per Month

Charge for Dormancy- assessed on savings and checking accounts
after 2 years of inactivity and a balance of $100 or less

$5.00 Per Month

Account Closed Within 90 Days

$10.00 Per Account

Certified Check

$5.00 Per Check

Money Order

$3.00 Per Item

Bank Check

$10.00 Per Check

Research Fees

$20.00 Per Hour

Statement Copy

$5.00 Per Page

IRS Levy or Garnishment

$50.00 Fee

Escheat Charge

$50.00 Fee

 Bill Payment Rush Delivery

 $9.95 Per Item

 External Transfer Next Day Delivery

 $10.00 Per Transfer

Safe Deposit Boxes

How safe are your valuables? Safe Deposit Boxes are available at our Miamitown and Harrison locations. This is an easy way to keep your important papers, jewelry, collectable coins, etc. safe and secure.

Pricing Information

2 x 5 Box

$15.00 + tax

$16.17 Per Year

3 x 5 Box

$18.00 + tax

$19.41 Per Year

5 x 5 Box

$30.00 + tax

$32.34 Per Year

3 x 10 Box

$35.00 + tax

$37.73 Per Year

5 x 10 Box

$45.00 + tax

$48.51 Per Year

10 x 10 Box

$75.00 + tax

$80.85 Per Year

 Annual billing date is June 1st. Initial rental will be prorated based on month opened. 
Lost Key Fee = $15.00, Safe Box Drilling Fee = $250.00